Sabrina Hanson 



Hanson Financial Group has many years of experience and proven results in serving insurance, benefits and financial needs of individuals and businesses. We have experienced and knowledgeable partners that are able to offer the highest level of service to all of our clients. Our holistic approach and understanding the needs our clients face regarding insurance and benefits position us to offer creative solutions that meet your unique and evolving needs. We will find the right solution for your personal, family or business needs regardless of the size your business or where you are on life’s journey.  Whether you’re a Millennial planning for the future and new to the financial arena, a Gen X’er with a blended family and complicated needs or the baby boomer trying to navigate the complicated world of social insurance, we will help you find the answers you need to make the right decisions.


Whether you have an establish company or just starting out, your employee benefit package is critical in attracting, retaining and rewarding your employees. Our creative and knowledgeable team can help you design a package to achieve your goals while protecting your bottom line.


The decisions you make in regards to Social Security and Medicare benefits are crucial to your retirement. How you position your other assets in relation to your social insurance may mean the difference in maintaining your standard of living or out living your money. Understanding the options and strategies available to you is where we can be of value. Through our dedicated software and knowledgeable team we can help you reach your goals. 


Let us help you with finding the right solutions for your health-care, wealth transfer options, annuity options and life insurance planning. With so many products and offerings, it’s more important than ever to have the right fit for you!


With so many decisions to make where do you start? Such questions like when to claim Social Security or wait? What to do with your 401(k) when you retire? Long Term Care insurance, should you by it or not? Let us help you look at the future with you and help with some of these very important choices.


A critical time in your life when planning for college, accumulating wealth and family are paramount. Hopefully you have found a career that you love and life is on track but need someone to take a personal look at your financial plan with you.  Maybe you are maxing out your 401(k) but are worried about the future tax consequences of qualified money and want to look into tax diversification.  Let us work with you on making sure you have a sound plan in place.


Whether you are just starting out on your own or you have an established path ……your generation is the future and there is no time like the present to protect it. You may be entering the professional world or sitting in your home office writing code, how are you going to protect your vast earning potential or accumulate wealth?  The most valuable item in your possession right now is TIME and KNOWLEDGE.