Senior Planning

Hopefully at this point in your life you have done all of the things you wanted to do and are keeping active. Perhaps your retirement plan needs a review or you have an annuity that is maturing and need some current advice. We at Hanson Financial are a firm you can trust to be respectful, thorough and take care of your needs. 

Often time our senior clients need help with their Medicare supplements, Part D or Medicare Advantage plans. We can help you choose a plan that will fit your needs and go the extra step making sure your plan is working like it should through quarterly calls and updates to any plan changes. Feel free to call us for a no cost plan review or consultation. 

Maybe you are healthy and have all of your assets well positioned but are worried about the tax consequences that will impact your heirs and want to look at options to offset some of those taxes. By using your Required Minimum Distributions (RMD’S) to buy life insurance to can have your beneficiaries receive their inheritance income tax free, avoid probate and creditors. By employing some simple strategies can have a significant impact on what you leave behind.